Everything IT - Bath PC Repair

Everything IT - Bath PC Repair


Home WiFi Improvements

NEW for Autumn 2015 Home WiFi Broadband Improvements

With the nights drawing in and more time to cosy up with your computer, why not give your Home WiFi a Boost to get your Broadband Internet performing better than you ever dreamt pos… Read More »

Everything IT - Bath PC Repair


Time of Year for Computer Valeting!

With these lovely warm summer months, it's time to think about cleaning your sweltering laptop or PC with a full Computer Valet - deep cleaning of all components, inside and out!

Like all electronic equipment, computers need occasional cleaning inside, to rem… Read More »

Everything IT - Bath PC Repair


Apple Losing its Shine?

Apple Hard Drives Leave a Sour Taste - Which? Survey finds nearly Half Fail Prematurely!

      Apple success has been built on style and innovation. It has often been the brand choic… Read More »

Everything IT - Bath PC Repair

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