Fantastic Foldable Phone

Well it looks like it may have finally arrived thanks to Samsung - the first foldable phones should start to be sold in just a few months time!  The prototype device, going by the code name "Winner", has a seven inch screen which can be entirely folded in half.

So either a large screen phone much like now. Or unfold and voila - a full sized tablet! What a clever idea!

The picture above shows just the screen technology itself. This new Winner phone (still closely under wraps) is reputed to have a small display bar visible on the front and cameras in the back. Unlike a traditional flip phone (or the foldable devices now with a hinge inbetween) when opened this will be almost all screen, giving a large display that fits in our pocket.

Perhaps soon we'll be able to carry a whole large screen TV around too. :-) We like Samsung, brilliant innovators. 

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« Back to News | Posted on 19/07/2018