Superman Unwelcome in Bath?

How technology changes!   Telephone Box in George Street, Bath, now converted into a Cash Machine.

With the huge popularity of mobile phones, BT has been itching to get rid of our Red Phone Boxes for many years, costing the company millions of pounds to clean and maintain them despite their requirement to keep numbers active throughout the UK.

Did they think we wouldn't notice the ‘Coins Not Accepted Here’ signs?  Making them about as useful as chocolate teapots, paving the way for BT to claim they should be removed altogether due to non use.

But now a number of 'innovative new ways' are being found to keep the familiar red phone boxes on our streets.

Since 2003 they were earmarked as Wi-Fi Hotspots with many since now turned into ‘free wireless’ zones by company ‘Spectrum Interactive’ while others, including this one in our very own George Street, Bath, being turned into cashpoint machines.

What do you think? Any better ideas for the Red Telephone Boxes, we’d love to hear from you.

The first kiosk in the UK was introduced in 1921 with the classic red phone box designed by architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott for a competition in 1924. The model in George Street (shown in our photograph) is the "K6" version from 1936.

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