Hazell Construction (Western) Ltd

We run a construction business and, like most businesses, require daily use of our office computer, not only for communication but also to undertake the fundamentals of the day-to-day office routine with the pressing need for quotations and tenders to be presented on time and invoices to be processed.

Our computer is not that new and was built for us by a local company. We don't know much about the internal workings and were very happy with the system they'd built. Over the months and years the computer became slower and slower and more unreliable due, we thought, to our increasing demands upon it. Eventually its' reluctance to perform started to drive us bonkers. We sent it away a couple of times to companies who advertised locally, what did we know? The computer was returned to us along with invoices with the inference that the troubles had been solved. HARDLY!!

Then I met Mark Steel of Everyting I.T. 

We gave Mark the chance and opportunity to sell us a new computer because, we assumed, ours was beyond repair. He would have none of it. He took our computer away on the Friday, worked on it all weekend, keeping us fully updated at all times delivering it back on Monday, working just like a brand new computer. You see, Mark actually genuinely understands the urgency involved when your system is down, he doesn't just pay lip service to it.

Mark is always available to talk through any general computing queries. His knowledge is second to none, but he doesn't try to baffle you with the science. I'm proud to say he has, for us, become a household name for all the best reasons.

Once again, I cannot recommend Mark Steel of Everything I.T. highly enough. Thank you Mark.

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