The Copysmith

Mark Steel of Everything IT sets himself apart from other IT professionals by not just caring for machines and networks, but also caring for the people who come to him for help. His advice always puts the user first, desiring that every customer leaves happy, having received above-standard service.

My dad has been shopping for a new laptop for a long time now. We had a spare one which we wanted to give to him, the only problem was it didn't really work. So in August, while my dad was here on holiday, I handed Mark the nightmare a struggling old and very slow laptop.

Not only did Mark make it run as 'good as new', he also took the trouble to find out what my dad's every day needs were, and to customise the computer to them. He even added all my dad's favourite games, going as far as to research and purchase the best Sudoko in the world! My dad is 71 so Mark set the machine up to be very easy to use, ensuring it linked to the internet, email and other core programmes in a flash. And the cherry on top? Mark kindly found us the perfect laptop bag which helped tremendously with my dad's long haul trip back to South Africa. Needless to say dad is delighted!

I can't express how pleased I am with the work Mark has done for us and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. Mark bends over backwards to give every customer his best attention, mixing personal passion, professional quality and a lovely personality to deliver unbeatable IT support.

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