Backup - a backup reminder to backup

Where it comes to securing our own data it's not really a question of if we should backup ... but how best to backup.

Nothing lasts forever so always consider what to do when...

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Privacy in the Home

Digital Privacy in the Home

Do you ever wonder what our smart speakers are listening to?  Many of us have them in every room: kitchen, living room, study, bedroom...

The answer is that they listen to everything.

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Ethical Computer Recycling

Data Security is paramount.  Did you know that much of the UK's waste is shipped abroad? And did you know that in some countries landfill waste is routinely scoured specifically to find old computers, laptops and hard drives to steal the data? 

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Fantastic Foldable Phone

Well it looks like it may have finally arrived thanks to Samsung - the first foldable phones should start to be sold in just a few months time!  The prototype device, going by the code name "Winner", has a seven inch screen which can be entirely folded in half.

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Windows 10 makes me sick

How to stop Windows 10 from breaking older computers

If you have a modern computer running Windows 10, it is considered best to turn on automatic updates.

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