Superman Unwelcome in Bath?

How technology changes!   Telephone Box in George Street, Bath, now converted into a Cash Machine.

With the huge popularity of mobile phones, BT has been itching to get rid of our Red Phone Boxes fo… Read More »

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HP Patent Awarded for See-through Screens

Hewlett Packard have been granted a US patent for their new developments in ‘transparent screen technology’, being given their listing after an initial application 6 years ago.

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Google computer works out how to spot cats

A Google research team has trained a network of 1,000 computers wired up like a brain to recognise cats.

The team built a neural network, which mimics the working of a biological brain, that worked out how to spot pictures of ca… Read More »

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Retina MacBook Destroys Regular MacBook

The new MacBook Pro is here, and by far the most compelling feature is its pixel-rich retina display. The new MacBook packs more than 5 million pixels into a 1… Read More »

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