Go 4 IT Lancashire!

Lancashire doing IT for themselves!

Everything IT are hugely impressed at the continuing efforts of farmer’s wife Pat Close and residents of Quernmore in North Lancashire – installing their OWN Fibre Optic Broadband network. So far some 40Km of cables have been laid a… Read More »

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Everything IT Wins Green Award

In August 2012, Everything IT were proud to achieve Microsoft's coveted Refurbisher membership status, providing savings not available anywhere else in Bath, significantly benefitting both the environment ... and their clients pocket!

Recently asked to make a cost comparison for a local Cha… Read More »

Everything IT - Bath PC Repair


Superman Unwelcome in Bath?

How technology changes!   Telephone Box in George Street, Bath, now converted into a Cash Machine.

With the huge popularity of mobile phones, BT has been itching to get rid of our Red Phone Boxes fo… Read More »

Everything IT - Bath PC Repair


HP Patent Awarded for See-through Screens

Hewlett Packard have been granted a US patent for their new developments in ‘transparent screen technology’, being given their listing after an initial application 6 years ago.

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Everything IT - Bath PC Repair


Google computer works out how to spot cats

A Google research team has trained a network of 1,000 computers wired up like a brain to recognise cats.

The team built a neural network, which mimics the working of a biological brain, that worked out how to spot pictures of ca… Read More »

Everything IT - Bath PC Repair

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